Christopher Golden
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark by Guillermo Del Toro, Christopher Golden, and Troy Nixey

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark:
Blackwood's Guide to Dangerous Fairies
Guillermo Del Toro - Christopher Golden
Illustrated by Troy Nixey

An illustrated novel that dives into the world of the 2011 Miramax film Don't be Afraid of the Dark. The movie, a thriller written and produced by Guillermo del Toro, starring Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes, is about a young girl sent to live with her father (Pierce) and his girlfriend (Holmes). They move into a historic New England manor, which is secretly inhabited by a brood of small creatures. These creatures seem, at first, to be playful figments of his daughter's imagination, but they quickly turn into a very real and very deadly threat.

The illustrated novel takes place a hundred years before the movie begins. It chronicles the travels and adventures of Emerson Blackwood, a young nature scientist who begins to understand there's more to the world than science understands. He travels across the globe, learning more and more about the world of secret and dangerous creatures. The book will have two components - the sections that tell the story of Blackwood's travels through the world, the people and creatures he encounters, and the increasing peril he finds himself in; and another set of sections which will show the illustrated "Field Guide to Dangerous Fairies" which Blackwood is creating.

Additional Details
Published July 19th, 2011
Trade Paperback
272 pages
ISBN-10: 142313401X
ISBN-13: 978-1423134015


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