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Genres: Fiction, Horror, Novella
Publisher: Leisure
Publication Year: 2003
ISBN: 9780843950984

"On the morning Samantha Finnin's father was buried, she had no tears to cry." Thus begins Christopher Golden's grim and unsettling 25,000 word novella, PYRE.

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About the Book

The day of her father’s funeral, Samantha is filled with so much anger that she can barely feel her grief. Her late father was a cold, unfeeling man with no time for his daughter, an alcoholic who had cheated on her mother and left the family in financial ruin, and she has a lifetime of resentment because of it. She had planned to tell him, to have it out once and for all, but now it’s too late…or is it?

After the funeral, an encounter with an old friend triggers a memory that Samantha had buried, about a place where it might be possible for the dead to rise again.

But if she wants to resurrect her father, the first thing she’s going to have to do is dig him up.

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