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"Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon are two of the most imaginative, prolific authors working today. They share a solid foundation of pure storytelling, a beating heart of character and pace and plot that drives every book, every story, no matter what it's about." - Horrorworld

The Hidden Cities
Written by Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon

Every big city has a soul, and every soul has a dark, secret side. The Hidden Cities books are set in places we all know very well - places which hold secrets almost beyond belief.

Mind the Gap: A Novel of The Hidden Cities

You never know when you'll find yourself
falling through one of the cracks in the world...

Two of today's brightest stars of dark fantasy combine their award-winning, critically acclaimed talents in this spellbinding new tale of magic, terror, and adventure that begins when a young woman slips through the space between our everyday world and the one hiding just beneath it.

Always assume there's someone after you. That was the paranoid wisdom her mother had hardwired into Jasmine Towne ever since she was a little girl. Now, suddenly on her own, Jazz is going to need every skill she has ever been taught to survive enemies both seen and unseen. For her mother had given Jazz one last invaluable piece of advice, written in her own blood.

Jazz Hide Forever

All her life Jazz has known them only as the "Uncles," and her mother seemed to fear them as much as depend on them. Now these enigmatic, black-clad strangers are after Jazz for reasons she can't fathom, and her only escape is to slip into the forgotten tunnels of London's vast underground. Here she will meet a tribe of survivors calling themselves the United Kingdom and begin an adventure that links her to the ghosts of a city long past, a father she never knew, and a destiny she fears only slightly less than the relentless killers who'd commit any crime under heaven or earth to prevent her from fulfilling it.

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Published by Spectra
400 pages
May 20th, 2008
ISBN-10: 0553384694
ISBN-13: 978-0553384697

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The Map of Moments



The Map of Moments: A Novel of the Hidden Cities

What if you were given a map to a magic that could change the worst moment of your life . . . for a price?

From two all-stars of dark fantasy, Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon, coauthors of Mind the Gap, comes this terrifying new thriller of magic and dangerous passions, where an ordinary man searches the magical landscape of an extraordinary city for the chance of a lifetime.

Barely six months after leaving New Orleans, history professor Max Corbett is returning to a place he hardly recognizes. The girl he'd loved - and lost - is dead, and the once-enchanted city has been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Max has not thought much beyond Gabrielle's funeral - until a strange old man offers him a map, and an insane proposition . . .

"Forget all the stories about magic you think you know..."

It looks like an ordinary tourist map, but the old man claims that it is marked with a trail of magical moments from New Orleans's history that just might open a door to the past. But it is a journey fraught with peril as Max begins to uncover dark secrets about both his dead love and the city he never really got to know. How is Gabrielle linked to an evil group from the city's past? And can Max evade them long enough to turn back the clock and give Gabrielle one last chance at life?

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Published by Spectra
400 pages
January 27th, 2009
ISBN-10: 0553384708
ISBN-13: 978-0553384703


The Chamber of Ten by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon

The Chamber of Ten: A Novel of the Hidden Cities

From two masters of dark fantasy comes a chilling tale of magic and possession, set in - and beneath - fabulous Venice, a city slowly being swallowed by the very waters that have made it one of the wonders of the world.

Geena Hodge is an American archaeologist working to salvage Venice's past from the encroaching Adriatic Sea. When she and her lover, Nico, discover the lost library of Petrarch under the Piazza San Marco, they rejoice not only at the historical significance of the find but at the opportunity to bring worldwide attention - and much-needed funding - to their endeavors.

But that find soon leads to another, a room buried more deeply still: the fabled Chamber of Ten, where centuries ago the secret rulers of Venice, in their quest for absolute power, met to plot betrayals and murders. After entering the Chamber, Geena and Nico are thrust into the midst of an ancient feud, a deadly battle of wills and black magic that threatens to poison the city's future with the evils of its past.

Additional Details
Published by Spectra
416 pages
July 27th, 2010
ISBN-10: 0553386565
ISBN-13: 978-0553386561


The Shadow Men by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon

The Shadow Men: A Novel of the Hidden Cities

From Beacon Hill to Southie, historic Boston is a town of vibrant neighborhoods knit into a seamless whole. But as Jim Banks and Trix Newcomb learn in a terrifying instant, it is also a city divided - split into three separate versions of itself by a mad magician once tasked with its protection.

Jim is happily married to Jenny, with whom he has a young daughter, Holly. Trix is Jenny's best friend, practically a member of the family - although she has secretly been in love with Jenny for years. Then Jenny and Holly inexplicably disappear - and leave behind a Boston in which they never existed. Only Jim and Trix remember them. Only Jim and Trix can bring them back.

With the help of Boston's Oracle, an elderly woman with magical powers, Jim and Trix travel between the fractured cities, for that is where Jenny and Holly have gone. But more is at stake than one family's happiness. If Jim and Trix should fail, the spell holding the separate Bostons apart will fail too, and the cities will reintegrate in a cataclysmic implosion. Someone, it seems, wants just that. Someone with deadly shadow men at their disposal.

Additional Details
Published by Spectra
336 pages
June 28th, 2011
ISBN-10: 0553386573
ISBN-13: 978-0553386578


"A pitch-perfect blend of fantasy and realism. Golden and Lebbon craft a riveting tale of adventure that is both gritty and magical."
- Kelley Armstrong, author of Personal Demon

"[Mind the Gap] is an enjoyable, engrossing read that delivers plenty of thrills."
- Green Man Reviews

"The Map of Moments is steeped in sex and death, a whirlwind ride through centuries of secret history marked by murder, cannibalism, and lust. It's as much a love letter to [New Orleans] and its people as it is a lamentation for what has been, perhaps irrevocably, lost. The New Orleans depicted here isn't a candy-colored tourist paradise or a twee goth playground, but rather an ancient, haunted city. Marked by tragedy and bounded by darkness, it still strives for the light, even as deadly magical war is waged in its stately homes and cobblestoned streets. The Map of Moments is not an easy, comforting read, but it is an alluring, engrossing one, and a wiser, truer book than something simpler could have been."
- Richard Dansky, Green Man Reviews

"Golden and Lebbon do a wonderful job with this book, pulling you in with a strong opening and a likable protagonist in Jazz, and then maintaining the story with an array of mysteries and puzzles, and a cast of engaging characters."
- Charles de Lint, Fantasy & Science Fiction

"Reminiscent of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere and the classic Dickens' Oliver Twist, this book gives the dark fantasy genre a gothic twist."
- Parkersburg News and Sentinel

"Urban realism meets dark fantasy in this spine-tingling second collaboration between Golden and Lebbon as they merge the repercussions of Hurricane Katrina with New Orleans' terrifying ghostly past. Golden and Lebbon have far outstripped their past efforts with this wonderfully creepy thriller of a ghost story."
-- Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

"A dark, gripping story set in a shattered but unbeaten New Orleans. A fascinating look at a city that's not all jazz and beads. Part ghost story, part thriller, it doesn't pull any punches along the way, putting the hero through a physical, mental and spiritual ordeal even as it paints an honest, stark picture of a city just starting to recover from a near-fatal blow. The Map of Moments isn't about New Orleans as it's traditionally depicted; there's no Mardi Gras excess, no jazz on the street corners, no partying in the French Quarter. This is about the undying, unbroken spirit of the city, that stubborn, iron core remaining after everything else has been stripped away. It's about survivors, those who've been transformed by what they've done to stay safe and alive, and those who understand pain and loss. It's a ghost story, where memories of the city as it was haunt the city as it is, with one poor accidental hero caught right in the middle. It's a love story, the kind that always ends with a broken heart.

"Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon really deliver a hell of a harrowing tale here. It's dark and intense, full of pain and anguish, and the New Orleans that acts as the backdrop here is one a lot of people undoubtedly aren't familiar with, and yet, this New Orleans is just as real and vital as the image presented to the tourists. They do an excellent job of making the city itself the true protagonist, even as they infuse the setting with tragic ghost stories and other shadowy aspects of a hidden, magical past. There's a lot to think about here; it's not your average urban fantasy by any means. It's a great read, illuminating a time and place in American history that should not be ignored or forgotten."

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