Christopher Golden

Frequently Asked Questions

Christopher often receives email regarding publishing original works. To save you time and email, here are some frequently asked questions and Christopher's answers!

Say I'm an aspiring author. How should I go about trying to become a published one?

I don't think I know two writers who got into it in exactly the same way. Fiction or non-fiction, though, you should write about things that interest you. Other than that, my only advice is this: 1) read constantly. 2) write constantly. 3) go to conventions if possible, where you can meets others in the field. 4) find an agent who likes and is willing to represent your work.

Will you be writing any more Body of Evidence books?

I love Jenna Blake. She's one of my favorite characters to write, and I certainly hope to do more with her in the future. At the moment, however, any such plans are on hold. The original published of the BODY OF EVIDENCE series, Pocket Books, has opted not to continue with the series. That doesn't mean you won't see Jenna again, but there are no immediate plans for her.

Will there be any more Shadow Saga/Peter Octavian books?

I hope so. The time between novels is usually lengthy. I have several ideas for future installments in the Shadow Saga and have discussed them with my editor. At some point, we both hope to continue with the series, but I don't know when--or if--that will happen. If there is any news, it will be posted on my site and announced through my newslist.

Will there be any more novels in the OutCast series?

Universal has the film rights to OUTCAST at the moment and are developing a script. If the movie gets made, there will likely be more books. Otherwise, it's very unlikely.

Will there be any more Prowlers novels?

I'll never say never. I enjoyed writing the quartet and have a great passion for those characters. But there are no plans at the present time.

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