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The Lost Army

Oddest Jobs


In 1997, Dark Horse released the novel Hellboy: The Lost Army, featuring Mike Mignola's ultra-cool comic book character. The book was mainly distributed in comic shops by its publisher, Dark Horse Comics, and did appear in some bookstores, mainly in the graphic novel section.

"Terrific!" -- San Diego Union Tribune

"It genuinely surprised me. Evocative and eerie, you're hooked from the beginning. Pure concentrated fun." -- Tripwire (UK)

The Lost Army stars Hellboy, a being who is apparently a living, breathing demon (raised by nice folks, naturally) who has spent decades as a paranormal investigator. In the novel, which is profusely illustrated by Mignola, Hellboy is called in when an archaeological team searching for the legendary lost army of Cambyses goes missing.

Dark Horse published the anthology Hellboy: Odd Jobs in December 1999. The book features short stories by some of the best horror and mystery writers working today and - as a bonus - a Hellboy cartoon by the legendary Gahan Wilson! The lineup includes: Stephen R. Bissette, Poppy Z. Brite, Max Allan Collins, Nancy A. Collins, Matthew J. Costello, Rick Hautala & Jim Connolly, Craig Shaw Gardner, Brian Hodge, Nancy Holder, Yvonne Navarro, Philip Nutman, Greg Rucka, Chet Williamson, and a story by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden called "The Nuckelavee." (ISBN: 1569714401)

Hellboy: Odder Jobs was published by Dark Horse in October 2004. This collection was edited by Christopher Golden and illustrated by creator Mike Mignola. It includes stories by Frank Darabont, Mick Garris, Guillermo del Toro, Charles de Lint, Graham Joyce, Kim Newman, Sharyn McCrumb, and more. (ISBN: 1593072260)

Hellboy: The Bones of Giants deals with a fearful tyrant, lightning strikes, and mythology. When a lightning strike fuses a legendary iron hammer to Hellboy's stone right hand, the occult investigator becomes joined with the mightiest weapon in all of Norse mythology.

Hellboy: The Lost Army and Hellboy: The Bones of Giants were re-released in February 2004. (Army ISBN: 0743462823 and Giants ISBN: 0743462831)

Hellboy: The Dragon Pool was released in March 2007. In the upper reaches of the Himalayas, Hellboy's ex-girlfriend, archaeologist Anastasia Bransfield, believes she has found the location of the legendary "Dragon King Pool" -- thought to be the ancient dwelling of an evil dragon who inflicted horrific devastation on the land and its people. Every year the villagers would sacrifice a child to placate the beast, until one day an unlikely hero fought the dragon and won, bringing peace and prosperity to the land. But Anastasia's triumph at her discovery is short-lived. Soon unearthly creatures are seen lurking around the dig site, someone is sabotaging the excavation with dire results, and the young daughter of one of the dig leaders goes missing. It looks like a job for Hellboy -- but his toughest challenge might be putting his past with Anastasia behind him. (ISBN: 141650785X)

Hellboy: Oddest Jobs, another anthology, was released in July 2008. Edited by Christopher Golden, this collection includes Bram Stoker Award winners Joe R. Lansdale and China Mieville plus Barbara Hambly, Ken Bruen, Tad Williams, Amber Benson, and a bevy of other skilled storytellers eager to spin a tale or two about the world's greatest paranormal detective. (ISBN: 1593079443)

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