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Mr. Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the second most powerful sorcerer in the world, behind his former teacher Lorenzo Sanguedolce, aka Sweetblood the Mage. He has been kept alive by his magic and a faerie potion. Once the lover of Lady Ceridwen. Was a former student of Sweetblood with Nigel Gull. Knighted by King Edward.

Danny Ferrick
A 16 year old demon living as a boy. He was switched at birth with a human baby and raised by that child's parents as their own. When his demonic nature began to emerge in physical characteristics, his father left the family. Danny is very strong and immune to fire. He can manipulate darkness, cast shadows, and has superhuman vision. His evil/demonic side becomes more pronounced when he gets angry, and sometimes he finds it difficult to control. Danny has been prophesied to play a large part in things to come, but no one yet knows precisely what that means.

Julia Ferrick
Danny’s mother. Her husband left once Danny began to change. Julia does not trust Conan Doyle, but has begun to trust the ghost of Dr. Graves. And perhaps there is more than mere trust between them.

Clay Smith
God’s own Clay. In the beginning, God used Clay to make all sorts of animals and eventually man. Many designs were tried out. Clay can shape shift into any animal, real or imagined in the mind of God, or any person with whom he has had contact. Clay has forgotten much of his own past. He sometimes works with the New Orleans Police department to solve murders. He can see the ecto-plasmic trails of ghosts, and they often hang around their murderer, making it possible to track a killer by this ectoplasmic trail if he reaches the corpse in time. Clay can remember Eden, but only vaguely remembers the hands of the Creator. For a long period of time—most of the 20th century, in fact—he was an unwilling, brainwashed assassin in the employ of the US government, but he has since shattered their mental conditioning.

The Biblical Eve. After being driven from Eden, she was assaulted by an Archduke of Hell, and the demon's violation of her flesh and mind eventually turned her into the first vampire. For many millennia, her mind was gone and she was pure evil, until she awoke from that. (Precise details have yet to be revealed.) Ever since, she has tried to redeem herself in the eyes of God. She despises her own kind—her offspring—and destroys them when and where she can. Eve can be volatile and whimsical and sexy. She has a passion for and obsession with designer clothes. She remembers only the vaguest glimmers of Eden. Her relationships with the other Menagerie are aloof at best, but she has a longstanding friendship with both Clay and Conan Doyle

Dr. Leonard Graves
The ghost of a former adventurer. Born in Swansea, MA in 1909, he was the son of the servants to Stewart and Annabel Willliams. Dr. Graves inherited the Williams' money when their own son died. African American, he was engaged to a white woman, Gabriella Gnecco when he was killed on October 7th, 1943 in Florence, Italy. The primary reason the ghost lingers in the physical world is to discover who his killer was, though he spends some time in the spirit realm. The current of the soulstream is always pulling on him, trying to sweep him into the afterworld. In life, he was a brilliant scientist who used his knowledge to hone his body and to combat crime. The ghost has grown fond of Julia Fenrick and has promised to watch over Danny. He has a penchant for vintage black and white movies, which he watches with Conan Doyle.

Conan Doyle’s squire and driver is a hobgoblin who loves junk food, cigars and bad TV (particularly game shows). He is also a metalsmith and armorer who supplies the Menagerie with their weapons. Short, quat, with a twisted form and pointed ears, Squire is ugly but very likable. He bickers constantly with Eve. He can “shadow walk,” slipping into a shadow anywhere in the world and emerging from any other—traveling the surreal paths in between. Squire has a workshop in the shadow paths, where he combines silver and iron into a magically potent alloy.

Lady Ceridwen
Niece of King Finvarra of the Fae, she was once Conan Doyle's lover, and their romance is in the midst of being rekindled. Ceridwen is a powerful elemental sorceress who calls upon the spirits of the elementals to do her bidding. These spirits are not bound, but agree to do this based on a deep mutual respect for the Fey. Ceridwen remains with Conan Doyle even though she re-establishes the portal to Faerie, and is given her own room in his home. Meanwhile, trouble brews in Faerie, and her uncle wants her home...

Nigel Gull
A former student of Sweetblood's, Gull has an intense rivalry with Conan Doyle. Gull left Sweetblood's tutelage when he began searching for darker magics. One ancient Egyptian magic left his face deformed, so that his features now appear “horse-like.” Gull uses powerful magic to discover nearly any secret by drinking rain water from the mouth of a corpse, thereby speaking with the voice of that dea person and learning their secrets.

An undead assassin working for Gull. He has been killed and reconstituted many times. In the 1980s, Squire killed him, but he later came back to life.

The Demogorgon
An ancient creature. A magic and god eater. On his way to Earth to consume Sweetblood. Also called the “Devourer” and the “Destroyer.”

Lorenzo Sanguedolce (a.k.a. Sweetblood the Mage)
Conan Doyle’s teacher and the most powerful sorcerer in the world, Sweetblood first detects the Demogorgon in the 17th century. He hid himself away to prevent the god-killer from finding Earth, but now that he has been discovered, the Demogrogon will have sensed him, and all involved seems to think he knows it all..

A large, black, dog-like beast that can track demons. He smells terrible and drools all the time, but even so, Squire and Eve take a liking to the mutt. Shuck is strong, fierce, and can climb up walls.