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"Genuinely creepy, beautiful, perfect horror story moments....Wrapped up in a non-stop, crazy-ass parade of two-fisted monster action! I want more!"
—Mike Mignola, creator of HELLBOY

"Fast, fabulous and thrilling, the Menagerie novels deliver like a mythical punch to the forehead — hard-hitting, and something you'll never forget."
—Tim Lebbon, author of DUSK and BERSERK

"Move over, X-Men and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, here comes The Menagerie! Fast-paced, haunting, and even laugh-out-loud funny in a few places, this dark fantasy is just the beginning of what could be a lengthy saga. Golden and Sniegoski's Menagerie includes some incredibly deep characters — Eve, the mother of the vampires; Clay, the shapeshifter who has existed since the Beginning; and Danny, the young demon changeling — that should power this series for many stories to come. A page-turner of the highest order."

"Combining marvelously inventive premises with an unforgettable cast of characters, The Menagerie is one of the most entertaining fantasy series to hit the shelves in years."
—Joseph Nassise, author of THE TEMPLAR CHRONICLES

"When the world's in the throes of Apocalypse, who you gonna call? Give The Menagerie a try. Fast-paced, (and) the stakes are certainly high. Fans of Laurell Hamilton and Jim Butcher should find this a worthy addition to their bookshelves."

"What do you get when you combine the mother of all vampires, a surly and lecherous hobgoblin, a sixteen year-old skateboarding demon changeling, a shapeshifter older than time itself, a fairy who can control the elements, and the ghost of a scientist adventurer, all headed by one of the most powerful sorcerers ever known — the enigmatic Mr. Doyle? If you're Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski, you've just created something called The Menagerie — together they unleash this wild and sometimes wacky assortment of oddities on the forces of evil. The action never lets up and the witty one-liners are nicely added comic respites that help set up further pulse-pounding action. This novel crackles with sheer excitement and captivating characters, the likes of which you've probably never imagined. Dark, ghoulish fun."
—Jon F. Merz, author of DANGER-CLOSE and THE FIXER

"Rich, inventive…with a new surprise on every page. The Menagerie is like a whole new set of friends who I'll look forward to spending more time with."
—Jeff Mariotte, author of WITCH SEASON