Christopher Golden

Son of Retro Pulp Tales

Son of Retro Pulp Tales
Edited by Joe R. Lansdale and Keith Lansdale
Dust jacket by Timothy Truman

Continuing in the vein of the Award winning Retro Pulp Tales, Joe R. Lansdale and his son Keith Lansdale present Son of Retro Pulp Tales. More stories in the tradition of the pulps, early digest magazines and pre sixties films, this one contains everything from Lovecraftian monsters to demons to hardboiled shootouts to plain ole unchained oddness.

So, tuck yourself in bed with a reading light and a snack, and prepare to be transported to wild worlds and weird situations by the pure storyteller tradition. Come on in, the pulp is fine.

Table of Contents
"The Toad Prince" -- Harlan Ellison
"Quiet Bullets" -- Christopher Golden
"Border Town" -- James Grady
"The Crawling Sky" -- Joe R. Lansdale
"The Lizard Men of Blood River" -- Stephen Mertz
"The Perfect Nanny" -- William F. Nolan
"Catastrophe Box" -- Cherie Priest
"The Forgotten Kingdom" -- Mike Resnick
"A Gunfight" -- David J. Schow
"Pretty Green Eyes" -- Timothy Truman
"The Brown Bomber and the Nazi Werewolves" -- Matt Venne


"Genre ace Joe R. Lansdale has never forgotten his initial inspiration, the 1920s-1950s pop-fiction magazines known as the pulps. His tribute anthology Retro Pulp Tales (2006) was successful enough to justify another containing 11 more speedy narratives featuring more-or-less stock protagonists whose wits and trigger fingers tend to be equally quick."
- Booklist

"With four or five the stories being quite excellent and great fun to be had all the way through, Son of Retro Pulp Tales is way ahead of the curve and a mighty satisfying read... In every one of these stories you sense the pure glee the writers had in shaping these cheap thrills from their own fond memories. This has the sense of wonder, adventure, and just plain fun that should never go out of style."

Additional Details
Published 2010
Trade: Fully cloth-bound hardcover edition
Limited: 200 numbered copies signed by all contributors
Published by Subterranean Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-59606-260-3


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