Christopher Golden


X-Men: Codename: Wolverine
X-Men: Mutant Empire Trilogy
Daredevil: Predator's Smile
Justice League: Exterminators
Gen13: Netherwar (with Jeff Mariotte)

"Christopher Golden is one of the most imaginative and talented of modern horror writers . . . he has taken the tale of (the X-Men) and made it his own. Suspense, drama, high-tension -- all the things you'd want in any top-flight suspense novel are here, delivered with Golden's sure touch and winning humor." -- Mysterious Galaxy

"In Mutant Empire, Golden does a great job of bringing those mutants we all know and love to life." -- Overstreet's Fan

"Predator's Smile is enthralling! A wonderfully written, highly entertaining, action-packed novel." -- Ian M. Feller, Combo Magazine

"Predator's Smile passes the 2 a.m. test! I liked this book. Touching." -- Michelle West, Fantasy & Science Fiction, author of Hunter's Oath

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