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straight on 'til morning

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Straight On Til Morning.jpg

Author: Christopher Golden
Genres: FictionHorrorNovel
Publisher: Signet
Publication Year: 2001
ISBN: 9780451461063

About the Book

It is the summer after eighth grade, the last three months of freedom for Kevin Murphy and his friends before they begin high school. The last chance to hang at the mall and goof off. And Kevin’s last chance to confess his unrequited love for Nicole French.

But Nikki has a new boyfriend — a rough eighteen-year-old named Pete Starling. Kevin knows Pete’s no good for Nikki. And now Pete and his gang have taken Nikki away. To rescue her, Kevin and his friends must follow them into a land they were never even meant to know about. A life they cannot imagine.


A place from which they may never return…


“He brings into being a world of haunted and perilous fantasy,” hails Peter Straub of Christopher Golden, and it’s never been truer than in this unique novel of dark fiction about the strange summer of a young boy coming of age.


Includes the bonus short story “Runaway.”

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