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Author: Christopher Golden
Genres: FictionHorrorNovel
Publisher: Signet
Publication Year: 1999
ASIN: 0451460030
ISBN: 9780451197658

About the Book

Strangewood is the name of the fantasy world that made “T.J. Randall” a bestselling children’s writer. But sometimes his imagination goes too far.


Sometimes the story is too dark.


Sometimes the creatures are too real.


And now, they’ve taken away Randall’s son...

Strangewood is the story of Thomas Randall, creator of Adventures in Strangewood, the most popular series of children’s books in the world. Thomas is recently divorced, and dealing with the repercussions of that trauma, as well as the damage it has done to his five-year-old son, Nathan.


But there is other damage being done as well.


Due to his recent life changes, Thomas has begun to neglect the world and characters of Strangewood. The creatures who live there are not at all happy. Strangewood must be saved, but to do so, they are willing to risk anything, even the life of a little boy.

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