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king of hell

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Author: Christopher Golden

Genres: FictionHorrorNovel

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780857209672

About the Book

Peter Octavian’s powerful sorcery guards his world against evil. Now he must go on a perilous journey to save those condemned to a fate worse than death itself...

When Octavian called upon Gaea to rid the Earth of demons, her magic banished not only the demons but also the Shadows – vampires who had foresworn evil and fought alongside him, some for many years.


Together with two unlikely companions – a wise-cracking goblin with the ability to walk the paths between worlds, and a demon changeling struggling to come to terms with what he is – Octavian sets out on what seems to be an impossible mission: to free his friends from Hell.


There he finds some unexpected figures from his past – and an enemy of his own making, driven by an implacable hatred, whose power is equal to his own and whose quest for vengeance is personal…

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