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MVHBF 2019

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

The lineup for The 5th Annual Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival, which will take place October 12th, 2019 at the Haverhill Public Library in Haverhill, MA, from 10am to 4:30pm. (*indicates first appearance at MVHBF)

There are several other authors I'm waiting to hear from, but without further ado, the preliminary lineup... Kelley Armstrong*

Michael Koryta*

Catherynne Valente*

Grady Hendrix

Jennifer McMahon

Gregory Bastianelli

Matt Bechtel

Doungjai Gam Bepko

Stephen R. Bissette

J. Edwin Buja

P.D. Cacek*

William Carl

Glenn Chadbourne

Joseph A. Citro

Kristin Dearborn

Tom Deady

Jeff Deck*

M.M. De Voe*

Duncan Eagleson*

Bob Ford

Craig Shaw Gardner

Larissa Glasser

Christopher Golden

John Goodrich

Scott Goudsward

Lynne Hansen

John D. Harvey*

Kat Howard

Brian Keene

Toni LP Kelner

Ed Kurtz

John Langan

Izzy Lee

Bracken MacLeod

John M. McIlveen

Hillary Monahan

James A. Moore

George Edwards Murray*

Errick Nunnally

Kelli Owen

The Peculiarity Shop

KL Pereira

Leigh Perry

David Price

Armand Rosamilia*

Mary SanGiovanni

Cat Scully

Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel

Rob Smales

Sarah Smith

Thomas Sniegoski

Wesley Southard*

Laurie Faria Stolarz

Jeff Strand

David Surface*

Morgan Sylvia

Paul Tremblay

Tony Tremblay

Gabriela Vargas

Trisha J. Wooldridge

Douglas Wynne

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