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“Christopher Golden’s storytelling is spellbinding. His novels capture the charming mystique that permeates New England, to which he adds a shuddering dose of the occult.”

— BOSTON Magazine

“A new book by Christopher Golden means only one thing: the reader is in for a treat. His books are rich with texture and character, always inventive, and totally addictive.”

— Charles de Lint




“The lush, labyrinthine Baltimore evokes the best from two of our most gifted artists. Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola have created a book that will be enjoyed and admired for decades to come.”

— Peter Straub

“Baltimore is an old time rootin’ tootin’ sense of wonder story dragged through a modern blender, then slow baked in hell. I loved it. It was a velvet bullet — speedy and rich in sensation. Go boys, go.”

— Joe R. Lansdale

“With Baltimore, Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden lay siege to the reader’s imagination with a grim battalion of gothic images and a thunderous barrage of narrative artillery. This is not a novel: it’s a war machine. Surrender immediately.”

— Joe Hill, author of Heart-Shaped Box

“I have admired Mike Mignola both as an artist and as a tremendous storyteller pretty much since his career began. In this collaboration with Christopher Golden it’s fair to say he surpasses himself. He and Golden have produced a witty classic of supernatural fiction.”

— Michael Moorcock

“Starred review. Golden’s popular style is impeccable, and horror comics creator Mignola’s copious illustrations confirm the tale’s dark atmosphere throughout, from no-man’s-land to the old inn to the houses and graveyards where the vampire is encountered. A new classic of vampire literature.”

— Booklist

“Mignola and Golden create a haunting allegory on the nature of war, fusing the poignancy of Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Steadfast Tin Soldier,’ the supernatural chills of Dracula, and the horrors of WWI and the subsequent influenza epidemic. Stark monochrome illustrations from Mignola enhance this dramatic tale of war and fear.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Outstanding, gorgeously told and wildly inventive. Mike Mignola’s outstanding black-and-white illustrations turn the book into a beautiful object and add to its overall storybook quality. He and Golden have outdone themselves with Baltimore, a gorgeous, haunting tale that may well become a classic.”

— Fangoria

“Mythic adventure, midway between Lovecraft and the Brothers Grimm. The book burns with black inspiration.”

— Sci Fi Magazine

“A horrific fairy tale imbued with a frightening beauty. Mignola and Golden brilliantly cross the evocative dread of early supernatural writers Algernon Blackwood and Ambrose Bierce with the inventive, in-your-face horror of contemporary counterparts Stephen King and Bentley Little. Well-written, compelling and extremely scary.”

— Omaha World Herald



“Action-packed horror with a sidebar of romance, sure to entice those with a taste for blood and the supernatural. Delightfully stomach-churning, [with] a satisfying, violent and sad ending.”

— Kirkus



“A pitch-perfect blend of fantasy and realism. Golden & Lebbon craft a riveting tale of adventure that is both gritty and magical.”

— Kelley Armstrong



“A winner. Golden launches a promising new dark fantasy series. Fast pacing, superior characterization and sound folklore.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Vivid action and snappy dialogue . . . A fun and creepy adventure story.”

— Kirkus

“Colorful, vividly imagined world . . . (a) thrilling yarn.”

— Booklist

“A chillingly suspenseful tale of nightmares and childhood legends come to life.”

— Library Journal

“Yes, it’s that good. Golden actually found something new to write about! A ripping good dark fantasy. We have a true classic on our hands!”

— The Green Man Review

“The Myth Hunters is a fast-paced, energetic romp filled with a wide variety of enthralling characters. Golden has succeeded in crafting a story that is at times adventure, mystery, horror, and fantasy, and fills it with believable characters and relationships that make you care for each and every one of them. His gift for getting in the heads of his creations is in top form in The Myth Hunters and I found myself coming back to reading this at every opportunity I had. If you’re looking for something that’s out of the ordinary on almost every level, but somehow manages to also be compelling and familiar, seek out The Myth Hunters.”

— Johnny Butane, Dread Central (The Horror Channel)

“A dynamite read. Golden gives himself a big sandbox to play in here, using the cultural melting pot of the Veil to bring in creatures from many mythologies and religions. He handles these creatures with skill and confidence, and seems to find artistic freedom in breaking free of the ‘elves, dwarves and hobbits’ or the ‘Greek myth’ dichotomy set down by Tolkien and Lewis. It’s a refreshing change of pace in a genre that often relies on a handful of well-used mythological creations.”

— SFrevu.com

“In the world of speculative fiction, writers cross the line every day. But when Christopher Golden crosses over, it’s time to get on board. Just as he re-wired the vampire saga, Golden’s now going about rebuilding everyone’s notions of the OtherWorld, the land of Faerie, of Legends. But he’s not just re-inventing the wheel, Golden is also writing a throat-gripping monster adventure.

“He manages to straddle the world of page-turning surreal adventure and the world page-turning mainstream adventure . . . to snag the most appealing aspects of both worlds and combine them in his novels, to make the best parts of each seem new when juxtaposed within his work. Thus, his novels seem consistently exciting and surprising. When you expect something surreal, he delivers a shocking twist of events that you might find in a great mystery novel. And when you’re immersed in the mystery, he serves up a moment of surreal horror that is ever more surreal and horrific for just having popped up in the midst of his mystery. And holding the whole things together is a consistently rich prose style that stays on the right side of literature.”

— The Agony Column



“Golden excels in darkness and mystery, bringing a touch of horror to an urban fantasy that will appeal to fans of Charles de Lint and Tanya Huff. A good choice for fantasy and horror collections.”

— Library Journal

“Even more exciting than the first installment, The Borderkind builds on and expands the rich universe Golden established in the The Myth Hunters. Readers will wait impatiently for the third installment.”

— Booklist

“With The Borderkind, the layers of the world have been peeled back to reveal both wonder and danger. Wonder for the reader, who can submerse in the spectacle of legends brought to life, and danger for Oliver Bascombe, who finds himself immersed in a mythic role he never knew he could fulfill. Golden uses his strengths as a suspense writer to ground his surreal explorations and his strengths as a writer of the surreal to intensify his suspense. Striding between two worlds has its benefits.

“Golden really has a great series going here, a wonderfully original take on the Otherworld, the world of Faerie, of Legend — the literary equivalent to the Jungian subconscious, where the monsters swim with the memories. Golden excels at melding the real and the unreal, at keeping the toes tapping while letting his readers languish in the sometimes garish, sometimes understated Otherworld beyond the veil. He packs his work with detailed research on the archetypes an myths of many cultures, but doesn’t bog it down. Simply put, he writes outstanding novels.”

— The Agony Column

“Our first introduction to the land where the myths of mankind were very much real and in serious trouble, The Myth Hunters, was a great example of author Christopher Golden’s ability to cross multiple genres with ease, from horror to fantasy and back again, blending them together in a way that seemed effortless. The follow-up story, The Borderkind (the second of three planned books that take place in the world beyond The Veil) goes even farther into this genre cross-pollination, though this book is decidedly darker in tone throughout. I can see this series leaving a lasting mark on everyone who picks it up. Four stars.”

— Johnny Butane, Dread Central

“Murder, monsters, magic and nonstop action. The dialogue is robust, the characters well drawn, the prose clear. Christopher Golden proves himself to be a master of craft. All of the action sequences are lyric, fluid and mesmerizing enough to warrant second reads. Distinctive and unique. Superior dark fantasy by a master of horror.”

— Lois Gresh, SciFi.com

“Myths and legends come to life in an astonishing world that exists just on the other side of humanity. With its lavish descriptions, epic heroes and monstrous evildoers, Golden’s story is one that readers won’t want to put down. The second in a series, this tale can stand alone, and it ends with a cliffhanger that will leave readers wanting more.”

— Romantic Times



“Golden’s yarn rushes on at breakneck pace, making it impossible to put down. A stunning conclusion to the magical and gripping Veil trilogy and must reading for fantasy fans.”

— Booklist

“Top pick! Golden wraps up The Veil trilogy with a rousing tale of epic journeys and larger-than-life heroes. With his vivid descriptions of the lavish and exotic, he’s crafted a fantastic world that will feel just as real to readers as their own.”

— Romantic Times

“The Lost Ones roars toward a shattering conclusion as former friends come together to make a final strike against a treacherous enemy. Golden delivers powerfully in imagination and emotional body-blows. Although the story ends conclusively, Golden has left himself ample room to return to this setting if he pleases. There are definitely many heroic tales yet to be told, and Golden is the guy to tell them. [He] writes each character as if he or she is the hero of his or her own story — a rare feat to achieve in any genre. Fans of modern fantasy, especially fantasy that draws from the rich mythologies of world culture (such as Neil Gaiman’s), will find this book well worth their time. Recommended.”

— SFRevu.com



“WILDWOOD ROAD is a brilliant novel of supernatural suspense that reminded me of the early classics by Ira Levin — think ROSEMARY’S BABY and you won’t be disappointed. There’s no baby, but oh baby, there is one creepy little lost girl that kept me turning the pages long after I should have gone to bed. This one’s a keeper.”

— Stephen King

“Some of my editor friends tell me that horror fiction is finally starting to make a comeback after the catastrophic boom and bust in the 1980s. If that’s true, writers like Christopher Golden are a big part of the reason. I love a good scary story, but scares alone are not enough to carry a book; a good horror novel needs to be a good novel first, with a strong plot, interesting characters, and vivid and evocative writing. Golden delivers all of that in spades in WILDWOOD ROAD, the best ghost story I have read since… well, since the last time Stephen King wrote one. Wonderfully atmospheric and creepy. Check it out, while I go off in search of more of Golden’s books.”

— George R.R. Martin



“Rod Serling territory…Golden takes another step toward becoming a major player in horror fiction.”

— San Francisco Chronicle

“Christopher Golden is one of the most hard-working, smartest, and most talented writers of his generation, and his books are so good and so involving that they really ought to sell in huge numbers. Everything he writes glows with imagination.”

— Peter Straub, author of Lost Boy, Lost Girl

“Christopher Golden collides the ordinary and the supernatural with wonderfully unsettling results. The Boys Are Back in Town is a wicked little thriller. Rod Serling would have loved it.”

— Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition

“Christopher Golden is the master of the slow creep — the kind of story that sneaks out of the everyday, so quietly, that you don’t realize anything is really amiss until the world seems to shift and the ground gets all spongy underfoot. Golden has a wonderfully smooth prose style — the payoff is immense. And intense. The Boys Are Back in Town is an eerie, fascinating tale . . . with style and heart, and a cast of characters that you can’t help but like.”

— Charles De Lint, author of Spirits in the Wires

“In his latest well-crafted horror novel, Stoker-winner Golden presents a nostalgic, unsentimental portrait of adolescence. Golden addresses the issue of how one’s identity is intimately bound to the memory of one’s experiences: change the memory and the personality is changed. Suspenseful plot and strong atmosphere. Golden remains someone to watch.”

— Publishers Weekly

“The Boys are Back in Town shimmers with nostalgia and supernatural thrills. Coming of age stories are all too common these days, but Golden’s book stands head and shoulders above most if not all of them. He writes with a clarity and sweep of action that truly raises the hairs at the back of your neck while tugging at your heart. Wonderful stuff!”

— Rick Hautala

“Golden takes a truly creepy fantastic premise and delivers in spades; this gripping story is not to be missed.”

— Booklist

“Harkens back to classic Stephen King. A harrowing, paranormal time-trip. You won’t want to put it down.”

— Dark Realms magazine

“Upon completing the final page of The Boys Are Back In Town, I believe my heart just shivered a little. A master of horror and suspense, Christopher Golden does no less than leave you perched on the edge of your seat. Golden creates characters that sing with reality and make us remember our high school days. An interesting and complex read, well-written and truthful to its core. Well worth the price of admission.”

— www.g-pop.net



“A quick, intriguing, satisfyingly creepy read, refreshingly free of emo sap. Fans of dark, post-modern fantasy should find it to be a tasty morsel.”

— The Green Man Review

“Powerful, beautifully conceived and developed, and utterly riveting. Benson and Golden have created a new mythology that rings true. This is a writing force to be reckoned with, a team who can produce the kind of modern mythic fiction that drives Gaiman, de Lint and Bull fans wild. It’s too good not to share.”

— Rambles.net



“Ghosts of Albion: Accursed is a fabulously entertaining combination of Victorian conventions, sensuous undertones, and some seriously evil magic. Against a new strain of wickedness that’s crept into Britain stand William and Tamara Swift, brother and sister, who are just discovering their supernatural potential. You can’t go wrong with this rich and complex novel.”

— Charlaine Harris, New York Times bestselling author of Dead to the World

“Ghosts of Albion is a sexy, twisted dark fantasy adventure – Benson and Golden have written one fantastic ride of a book. If Laurell K. Hamilton wrote tales of Victorian England.they might come close to this one.”

— Douglas Clegg, Stoker award-winning author of Priest of Blood

“Demons from the subcontinent threaten Her Majesty Queen Victoria . . . in this hefty, hormone-stuffed novel. Demons, bodice-ripping passion and some good old murky London gloom; all one can ask for in a dark night’s reading.”

— Kirkus

“[An] entertaining, fast-paced supernatural thriller.”

— Publishers Weekly



“With his customary style and economy, Christopher Golden has penned a powerful and haunting tale.”

— Clive Barker, author of Galilee and Weaveworld

“Kept me reading long into the evening on more than one night. Golden delivers . . . good, old-fashioned storytelling . . . and he doesn’t back away from the consequences of the darkness he has set upon his characters. I liked his deft touch with his characters, his crisp prose, and how he lets the story unfold. And I especially liked the relationship Golden built between his characters . . . We should all be so lucky as to have such friends.”

— Charles De Lint, author of The Onion Girl and Forests of the Heart

“The Ferryman is a compulsive read, one I finished in a single sleep-deprived night. The characters are easy to care about, the story unpredictable and involving. Rarest of all, Golden conveys the terrible sadness of the supernatural in a way few authors have managed.”

— Poppy Z. Brite, author of Lost Souls and Drawing Blood

“An intelligent, compelling ghost story in the classic horror tradition. . . Harrowing . . . Superior characterization, an exquisitely detailed setting and superbly orchestrated suspense.”

— Publishers Weekly

“A gripping tale from a genre master.”

— Booklist

“Once in a very long while, a horror novel will come along that is so believable and frightening that it will live on in the reader’s mind forevermore. The Stand and The Exorcist were such books and so too is The Ferryman.”

— Harriet Klausner

“A horrifying, disturbing assault . . . Tight, focused and almost claustrophobically intimate, it’s a must read for those yearning for a really terrifying experience.”

— Fangoria Magazine

“Readers (will) wonder if Christopher Golden is actually a pseudonym for a collaboration between Dean Koontz and Peter Straub.”

— BookBrowser

“The Ferryman (is) shot through with a sadness that sometimes gently aches and other times deeply wounds. Golden’s subtle and clever way with a plot really shines. Spencer makes a stellar second-tier bad guy, the kind of jerk you don’t just love to hate; you want to beat him to death with a coal shovel. A year later, I can recall quite clearly the feelings that Straight On ‘Til Morning stirred up while reading it. It’s not every book I can say that about, but I fully expect to be able to say the same thing about The Ferryman come the spring of 2003.”

— Brian Hodge, in Hellnotes



“In Strangewood, Christopher Golden gradually brings into being a world of haunted and perilous fantasy which, while moving into greater and greater solidity, never loses touch with its painful, sweet, embattled human context. This is a notable achievement. Christopher Golden has written a beautiful and wildly inventive hymn to the most salvific human capacity: imagination.”

— Peter Straub, author of Ghost Story and The Hellfire Club

“If Clive Barker had gone Through the Looking Glass, he might have come up with something as imaginative and compelling as Strangewood. Christopher Golden’s writing is vivid, making his quirky fantasy world as real as the ‘real world’ in his story. It’s been a long time since I’ve read such an original novel in the fantasy genre.”

— Kevin J. Anderson, author of Dune: House Harkonnen

“A terrific novel. There’s a hint of The Talisman here, as well as Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant novels, but ultimately it is the strength of Golden’s characters that carries this novel and gives it its power. I never do this, but at one point I actually found myself looking ahead in the book to learn whether a particular character made it out of a scrape alive. I cannot give higher praise than that — breaking my own reading habits because I was so involved with the story — and I salute Golden for being able to make me do such a thing. Strangewood is an excellent book, an impressive achievement by a fine writer whose message could not be more timely.”

— Bentley Little, author of The Walking and The House

“I read Strangewood in one sitting. Strangewood the novel is a daring and thoroughly engrossing blend of wonder and adventure, terror and tenderness. Strangewood the place is what Oz might have been if L. Frank Baum had grown up on a steady diet of Stephen King.”

— F. Paul Wilson, author of The Select and The Keep

“A beautiful new formulation of genre material. A novel which roots the extremes of imagination in the displacements of the human heart. Lovely stuff.”

— Graham Joyce, author of The Tooth Fairy and Dark Sister

“A fascinating read. It has a lot to say about the nature of creation. Strangewood was the most inventive paperback original of 1999. It deserves great success.”

— Cemetery Dance magazine

“Strangewood is a treat, and it shouts Christopher Golden’s talent with a megaphone to its lips. With a sure voice and a steady hand, Golden weaves a story both deceptively simple and vibrantly realized, and he does it with pure artistry. I believe in his characters, his world and his talent.”

— Greg Rucka, author of Keeper and Shooting at Midnight



“Golden’s dramatic and funny coming of age story evolv(es) into a horrific and ultimately sorrowful thriller. A bizarre combination of The Wonder Years and The Lost Boys, this fantastic tale entertains.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Christopher Golden . . . is an imaginative and prodigious talent who never lets genre boundaries hold him back.”

— Douglas Clegg, author Naomi and Mischief

“The print equivalent of From Dusk ‘Til Dawn. High praise, indeed. A bizarre trip across the dark fantastic that really, really works. The Stand By Me-cum-The Outsiders feel of the first half of the novel is real, and honest, and a great read in and of itself; add the twisted fantasy element, and this book becomes perfectly unique. A grown up, odd, compelling journey through adolescence, and heartache, and of course, Neverland. A fascinating and completely engrossing book.”

— The 11th Hour web magazine

“I defy anyone to read a few of these scenes and not be swept up. Golden’s imagination was working overtime when he crafted a way to blend this coming-of-age story with not just a bona fide childhood classic, but Gaelic mythology as well, as the novel progresses from the mundane to the weird to full-blown high fantasy. Golden keeps those pages flying by, without forgetting to bring it full circle and give your heart a tweak or two in the very end.”

— Brian Hodge, author of Wild Horses

“A clever and touching dark fantasy novel (that is) magic to read. As dark, and as mature, as any good fairy tale is at heart. Golden’s storytelling is restrained as he finesses us down the plot’s road, and though there is a moral to the story, it’s a moral that aches with the revelations of coming of age, and of leaving an age behind.”

— Gothic.net



“Christopher Golden was writing kick-ass urban fantasy before the genre even had a name.  The Peter Octavian novels are smart, fast-paced, lyrical and vicious.”

— Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of The Dragon Factory and Rot & Ruin

“A politico-religious thriller reminiscent of the novels of David Morrell. A delightful read and a noteworthy debut by a writer who cares passionately about the stuff of horror. Harrowing, humorous, overflowing with characters and plot contortions, abundantly entertaining . . . a portent of great things to come from Christopher Golden.”

— Douglas E. WinterCemetery Dance

“Wildly entertaining horror. For those of you not familiar with Golden’s Shadow Saga, it’s like mixing Laurell K. Hamilton’s action-packed Anita Blake novels with the dark ambiance of an H. P. Lovecraft story. The pacing is always pedal-to-the-floor, the main characters are larger-than-life, and the demons and other assorted monstrosities give Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos a run for its money — just plain wild, spine-tingling, fun.”

— Barnes & Noble Online

“A breathtaking story that succeeds in marrying gore and romance, sex and sentiment. A brilliant epic.”

 Dark News, Paris

“One of the best horror novels of the year. Filled with tension, breathtaking action, dire plots and a convincing depiction of worlds existing unseen within our own. One of the most promising debuts in some time.”

 Science Fiction Chronicle

“You can damn near chase me a mile these days with a vampire novel. Then, along comes Christopher Golden. His work is fast and furious, funny and original, and I can’t wait until his next book.”

— Joe R. Lansdale, author of Mucho Mojo and The Two Bear Mambo

“The most refreshing books in the vampire genre since Anne Rice wrote Interview with the Vampire, [Golden’s novels] are completely in a class by themselves.”

— Pathway to Darkness

“Christopher Golden has painted an intriguing canvas, full of action, sweep and dark mythology; a novel that unfolds like a vampiric Kabuki theatre. Golden is smart and savvy; a writer with a bright future.”

— Rex Miller, author of Slob and Chaingang

“Passionate . . . Excellent . . . Golden has written one of the best . . . a deep probe into the inner-workings of the church and a surprise explanation for vampires. [A] brilliant vampire novel in a blizzard of bloody tooth bites this year.”

 LitNews Online

“A promising debut. In his world of vampires and dark magic, Golden presents us with a complex canvas to rival Brian Lumley.”

 Craig Shaw Gardner, author of Dragon Waking

“Golden combines quiet, dark, subtle mood with Super-Giant monster action. Sort of M.R. James meets Godzilla!”

— Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy

“The characters in Golden’s books are always interesting and carefully drawn. You might care a little too much about some of them. Of Masques and Martyrs is a furiously paced, energetic thriller with enough original ideas for three or four of anyone else’s books.”

— The Plot Thickens, from Mysterious Galaxy

“Christopher Golden scared the unholy $#!& out of me. Thank god I was reading with the lights on! WAKING NIGHTMARES is one deliciously terrifying, un-put-down-able book. Totally, compellingly creepy. (I hate him now and shall have to kill him because I’ll never be able to sleep again.)”

— Kat Richardson, author of the Greywalker novels



“Parents beware, don’t read this bedtime story to your kids unless you intend to scar them for life! Wonderfully warped and twisted.”

— monstersandcritics.com

“A fast, terrifying ride showcasing the best of Christopher Golden and James A. Moore. I highly recommend this.”

— Horror World

“This story will rape your childhood memories of Oz. A great, creepy story that will stick with you. It’s straight-up horror… and much better done than most of the stuff out there.”

— creature-corner.com

“One thing is for sure, after you read this book the Baum classic will be the last thing you think of when Oz comes to mind. These two writers have taken Oz and put it in the blender and hit the puree button. I, for one, hope they have left something for a second helping because after this you surely can’t go home without wanting to return. Golden and Moore have crafted a delightfully chilling work that makes the reader certain that they’re not in Oz anymore.”

— Baryon Online

“A book that turns the stuff of dreams into nightmares, taking something we as a society know dearly, and twisting it on its heels to create one of the best pieces of short horror fiction I’ve read to date. If you’ve ever seen the movie The Wizard of Oz, or even read the story, then you know about the world of fantasy that mimics the stuff from your most vivid childhood dreams; there was a young girl whisked away to a land of bright and vibrant colors, a lion that lacked courage, a scarecrow missing a brain, a man made of tin longing for a heart, a wicked witch and her evil band of flying monkeys, and a wise wizard at the crux of this whole cornucopia of imagination. Now think for just a moment, what if two incredibly talented and gifted storytellers got together to shove all that wonder and amazement of Oz out of your head and replace it with a fear and dread like none you’ve felt before. One of the finest crafted stories you’re likely to read. Bloodstained Oz is the perfect homage to one of history’s most fantastical stories. Just don’t let the kids read it. This sucker is for adults.”

— Insidious Reflections

“I was really surprised at just how far Golden and Moore were willing to push what could’ve very easily been a comedic setup. Instead of going for laughs, they go straight for the throat and hold nothing whatsoever back from the reader. It’s fast and brutal, but somehow still manages to give enough insight into the characters at its core to make you care for their well being. Bloodstained Oz is plain and simple a really good horror story. Highly recommended. 5 out of 5 Mugs o’ Blood.”

— The Horror Channel

“Deliciously gruesome.”

— Publishers Weekly



“Golden’s chilling novella is set in the fishing town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, where Richie Feehan divides his time between painting houses and trolling for lobsters, as the men in his family before him have done. One day, out on the sea collecting traps, Richie encounters a terrifying sight: a group of shells with glowing orbs that appear to be eyes resting in one of his traps. Richie throws it back into the ocean, but the memory of it haunts him. But when he spots his brother, Jim, who runs the other family business, Feehan & Sons Funeral Home, talking with police about a body disappearing from the graveyard, Richie never imagines the two things would be connected. A horrifying graveyard encounter with the entity known as the Shell Collector proves they are, however, and Richie realizes he must take action or risk losing someone close to him. Despite the tale’s brevity, Golden vividly evokes life in a small fishing town and builds the suspense to a terrifyingly vivid conclusion.”

— Booklist



“Golden (has a) sense of the truly morbid, and (a) knack for uncomfortably realistic medical dialogue. Unpredictable.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Will appeal to teens with a taste for the macabre…Jenna Blake, the series heroine….[is] bright and extraordinarily perceptive….a persistent and plucky protagonist …teens will be drawn into the fast action … and gripping suspense. This is a good choice for reluctant readers.”

— Kliatt

“(An) absorbing medical mystery/thriller for older teens. Jenna is one tough cookie and smart as well. Is this what Kay Scarpetta was like in college? Readers won’t be able to wait for Jenna’s next adventure.”

— VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates)



“Suspenseful . . . the narrative’s swift momentum and engaging action sequences make for breezy entertainment. Avid fans of the series will buy the book, of course, but word of mouth could also bring newcomers to this mysterious world of dark creatures and cruel intentions.”

 Publishers Weekly