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About the Books

Everyone’s heard the rumors about Sleepy Hollow, but no one living has heard the truth. 

Shane and Aimee Lancaster are headed to a new life in Sleepy Hollow, New York, whether they like it or not. Prompted by the death of their mother, their father has decided that a few bad choices on the part of his children mean a new life in a smaller place with less crime and, hopefully, fewer bad influences. 

But sometimes the best ideas bring about the worst results. 

The legends about the Headless Horseman have been around for as long as anyone can remember; the story by Washington Irving and a dozen movies are just folktales, surely. Nonsense. 

So why is it that as soon as the Lancasters cross the city limits strange things start to happen? There are sightings of a great black dog with glowing eyes, things moving in the woods…oh, and a man on horseback riding around and cutting off people’s heads. 

Their father is the new editor of the local paper and he wants answers. Aimee and Shane want answers, too, but for them the questions have a bit more urgency. It seems that the reports of a Headless Horseman might just be true…and it looks like Aimee and her brother are at the top of his list of chosen victims. 

Sometimes the truth is far deadlier than fiction.

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